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We frequently hear contractors asking the question, “Should contractors offer financing to their customers? And if so, why?” Offering financing options to your customers is a great way to obtain more contracts and ultimately put money in your pocket. Secure great finance rates with AmeriFirst today.

Keep your customers happy with industry-leading financing options.

With no-cost loan programs and finance rates starting as low as 6.99%, AmeriFirst has a home improvement financing solution perfect for every project.

Wondering why contractors should offer financing in the first place?

Contractors that are hesitant to get involved in their customer’s finances are leaving a lot of goodwill (and potentially money) on the table. The fact is, end-client homeowners aren’t the only ones who’ll benefit from our industry-leading rates – financing through AmeriFirst offers a number of key advantages for contractors too. If you’re asking yourself, “Why should contractors offer financing?”, take a look at just a few of the reasons:

Customer Satisfaction

By securing great finance rates for their home renovation project, you keep your customers happy. In addition to the long-term boost, this gives your business, it also makes day-to-day work easier to manage.

Quicker Payments

This one is just simple math. When your customers obtain favorable financing, it’s easier for them to obtain money, and when it’s easier for them to obtain money, it’s easier for them to pay you without unnecessary hassles.

Long-Term Growth

Thinking big picture, customer satisfaction is one of the best ways to build your brand and take your business to the next level. If you become known as a contractor who secures great financing rates, profit will follow.

The AmeriFirst Advantage

Making the decision to offer your customer’s financing is one thing – finding the right lender is a whole new ball game. There are many options out there, but here at AmeriFirst, we always go to bat for contractors.

With rates starting at 6.99% and terms up to 180 months, our team of home renovation financing experts knows how to structure loans that benefit all parties involved.

35+ Years of Experience

We’ve been doing this a while, and the results speak for themselves. With over three decades in business, we’re responsible for countless successful home renos.

White Label Options

With AmeriFirst, you can white label our mobile app and technology. This means the loan will appear to originate with you (so your customers know who to thank!).

No-Cost Loan Programs

As home improvement finance specialists, we structure our loans to be advantageous to the contractor and offer exclusive, industry-leading no-cost loan programs.

Ready to put smiles on your customer’s faces?

Industry-leading finance rates are only a few clicks away. Reach out today for a quote on your next home improvement project.