Our Privacy Commitment

At AmeriFirst Home Improvement Finance Co. we are dedicated to protecting your privacy. We want you to understand the information we collect about you and how we use it to provide high quality products and services that will benefit you. Our privacy notice serves as a standard for all AmeriFirst employees for the collection, use, retention, and security of information regarding your accounts. Please note that limiting the information we share may hinder our ability to provide you with the most beneficial products and services.

1. How do you receive a privacy notice?

If you are currently an AmeriFirst customer, you have online access to our privacy notice. If you have limited or no internet access, a copy of the privacy notice will be mailed to you upon request by calling customer support at 800-228-2179. You will also receive an annual notification concerning access to the AmeriFirst Finance Privacy Notice. As required by law, we will provide you with the right to opt-out of contract provisions that allow us to share certain personal information with non-affiliated third parties.

2. Will you continue to receive notifications yearly, even if you choose not to respond?

Yes, as long as you are our customer, we will provide this yearly notice concerning access to and availability of our privacy notice online or by a request for a printed copy. You will continue to receive yearly reminders as long as you are our customer, whether you respond or not.

Your choice:

3. If you have previously submitted a request to opt-out, no further action is required.

If it is your decision not to opt-out and to allow us to share your information with our affiliates and nonaffiliated third parties, you do not need to request an Opt-Out Form or respond to us in any way.

If you prefer that we not share consumer report information with our affiliates and/or nonaffiliated third parties, except as otherwise permitted by law, you may request to Opt-Out by calling toll-free 1-800-228-2179, Customer Service.

4. What is personal information?

Personal information means nonpublic financial information about you that personally identifies you.

5. How exactly is personal information about you used to provide products and services that benefit you?

In order to determine the products and services that would best benefit you, we develop marketing programs based on nonpublic personal information we have collected about you. “Nonpublic personal information” is nonpublic information about you that we obtain in connection with providing financial products or services to you.

6. What personal information does AmeriFirst collect?

We collect nonpublic personal information from a variety of sources:

Information you provide on your initial credit application and other account documentation submitted directly to us or to a contractor who provides that information to us in connection with obtaining financing for you.

Information about your transaction history with our affiliates, others, or us.

Information we obtain from external third parties (such as credit bureaus, demographic data companies, or public sources).

7. Do we share personal information about you with other companies?

We may disclose all of the personal information we collect with nonaffiliated third parties. You may opt-out of having personal information disclosed to nonaffiliated third parties by calling 1-800-228-2179 and requesting an opt-out form. Even if you opt-out, we may, in some instances, disclose personal information to nonaffiliated third parties as permitted by law.

We are permitted by law to disclose personal information about you to third parties in certain circumstances. For example, we may disclose personal information about you to third parties in order to assist in servicing your account with us, in order to collect on the account, to respond to subpoenas from government entities, and to report your account to credit bureaus.

8. What are nonaffiliated third parties?

To meet customer demand for high-quality products and services, we may disclose any information we collect to those with whom we have a marketing arrangement and to nonaffiliated third parties. “Nonaffiliated third parties” include financial service providers (such as mortgage bankers, financial institutions and insurance agents) and non-financial companies (such as retailers, direct marketers, publishers).

9. Do we share personal information about you with our affiliates?

We are permitted by law to share with our affiliates information about our experiences or transactions with you or your accounts. We also may disclose to our affiliates all of the information we collect. You may opt-out of allowing us to provide to our affiliates information that is not directly related to our experiences or transactions with you or your account (other than disclosures permitted by law) by calling 1-800-228-2179 and requesting to opt-out. Please allow 8 – 10 weeks for “Opt-out” requests to take effect. Once your request has been processed, it will remain in effect until you request a change.

10. How does AmeriFirst protect the personal information on my account?

To ensure your customer information is safe, we have in place several safeguards. We restrict access of your nonpublic personal information to those employees who need to know to review and maintain your account, to provide products or services to you or for another business reason. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect your nonpublic personal information.

11. What if you do not become a customer or are no longer a customer of AmeriFirst?

If you do not become our customer or any time you decide to close your account or become an inactive customer, we will continue to adhere to the procedures described in this notice and any proper opt-out requests you make.