March 2018

By George DeMare, AmeriFirst Home Improvement Finance, LLC

Tim Mello has been working as the California account executive for AmeriFirst for almost a year. He recruits new contractors and trains them how to sell AmeriFirst Finance using the AmeriFirst platform, but the most rewarding aspect of his job is  to show contractors a better way to do business.

“When people look for home loans they usually go to big banks. My job allows me to show them a new and better way to fund their projects,” Mello said.

Because California is a diverse state when it comes to styles of houses, Mello finds himself travelling year-round to the different home and garden shows to talk to individuals working on projects in the Bay area, Los Angeles, and up in the mountains, to name a few.

Mello has a decade of home sales experience, and the new AmeriFirst Mobile App is streamlining home improvement sales even more than he expected as an Account Executive.

“In all of my experience, I have never seen an application that can help the contractor complete the process from start to finish just from their phone,” Mello said.

The AmeriFirst app allows the contractors to get the backend of their jobs done faster and easier. Mello says that although no one loves doing paperwork, with eight swipes, sales can now upload the documents and other financial information needed to get projects financed and contractors on their way, at time of sale. Ready to fund once the job is built before the contractor left the home.

“Everything about this app makes every level of the process seamless,” Mello said. “Corporate can track the job and all of the paperwork from one place. Managers can see their teams and close out their jobs, and the sales team can do the same. No more back and forth or waiting for someone else to get back to you, so the contractor can get back out meeting with people who need home improvements, operations can focus on equipment and AmeriFirst can focus on funding.”

Mello and his colleagues believe that the AmeriFirst app is a powerful sales tool that moves jobs forward faster.

“I have to stress the promise of innovation that AmeriFirst has made and delivered,” said Mello. “AmeriFirst stays true to their word when it comes to investing in innovation, and the proof is in this app – it’s making jobs more efficient.”

When Tim isn’t wearing his AmeriFirst hard hat, he enjoys restoring classic cars with his father.

If you are a contractor interested in working with AmeriFirst, contact Tim on LinkedIn or by email at tmello@trustamerifirst.com.



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