Servicing consumer loan portfolios is a fundamental part of AmeriFirst’s business model.

AmeriFirst has extensive experience with various consumer receivables across the spectrum of performing and non-performing loans, including secured and unsecured loans. Our leadership team also has a wide range of experience with a variety of consumer asset classes.

Our strategies allow for flexible and creative solutions to reduce delinquency and maximize cash flow, including our industry-leading loan modification programs. We can effectively service consumer receivables on both a fixed dollar cost per month, as well as a percent of principal balance basis. AmeriFirst can also perform both “cold” and “warm” backup servicing.

Primary Loan Servicing

AmeriFirst utilizes its proprietary servicing platform to provide the billing and processing of payments for its clients. AmeriFirst focuses on creative methodologies for collecting past-due accounts utilizing its proprietary “high-touch” process to maximize client cash flows.

Back-Up Servicing

AmeriFirst offers cold, warm or hot back-up servicing. AmeriFirst optimizes reporting functions so that clients have confidence that their assets will remain safe and uninterrupted from events that may occur with their primary servicer, whether by a natural disaster or other business interruption.


AmeriFirst provides a myriad of reporting functions and analytics to provide clients with the information needed to manage their consumer assets. Standard reporting is available, and customized reporting and analytics can be assimilated to satisfy the needs of any investment group.