By George DeMare, Vice President Business Development —

Current home construction trends are seeing homeowners make a wide variety of improvements around their living space.

Modern technology, intricate tile, and outdoor upgrade projects do not always improve the value of the home but can offer something even greater – a better quality of life.

When tackling home improvements, many homeowners are making upgrades that earn the Energy Star home certification from the Environmental Protection Agency.

In order to Energy Star qualified to qualify the home must meet the EPA’s guidelines for energy efficiency.

Before homeowners can finalize the Energy Star’s official stamp of approval, a representative must inspect the whole house, checking for Energy Star appliances, mechanical equipment like air conditioning units, furnaces, insulation and windows that promote energy efficiency.

While Energy Star improvements tend to add value to a home, smart home technology also adds ease and is becoming another increasingly popular home upgrade.

Smart home technology allows users to access their devices through the quick touch of a smartphone – homeowners can adjust their thermostats or see who is ringing their doorbell.

Other home construction trends are more obvious. Kitchen and bathroom remodels always top the list of home improvement spending. More specifically, many companies are noticing an increase in the removal of bathtubs.

Getting rid of the tub gives instant space that is filled with walk-in showers, fancier fixtures, and nicer tile work. In kitchens, countertops and cabinets are being gutted and replaced with solid surface tops and artful backsplashes.




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