By George DeMare, Vice President Business Development***

The holiday season is officially here! This is the perfect time of year to make repairs, plan projects, and secure your home.

Don’t put off scheduling repairs that need be completed before winter arrives! It is imperative to get on the schedule of any roofer, gutter installer, HVAC repairman, or any other contractor who may need to look at your home once the temperature starts to drop.

Repairing challenged or damaged roof sections can be more economical than a complete re-roof. Consider replacing windows or siding to help with long-term energy costs.

Preparing your home for winter can also mean making sure everything is in shape for holiday guests. In the explosion of DIY home improvements, sometimes hiring someone for the smaller jobs makes life less stressful. Popular handyman tasks during the holidays include assistance with basic energy efficiency tasks and hanging Christmas lights.

Start planning final home improvement projects for next year. Contractors are already booking clients for next year, so be sure to give them a call before their calendar fills up. (And the good ones usually book fast!)

The holidays are also a great reminder for homeowners to take precautions when it comes to keeping their home safe. Most people think about preventing fires due to Christmas lights, but what about your home’s security?

Keep doors and windows locked at all times including door reinforcements and top-flight locks. Close curtains and blinds to ensure no one can peek at valuables and think about investing in a home security system. The best systems provide a clear view of what is happening in the home on a mobile device. Give your home a “lived-in” look with an automation technology system that can be controlled by a model device or that can be scheduled to turn lights on or off.

By planning projects ahead of time and thinking about your home’s security, you can enjoy the holidays with a more comfortable and safe home.

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