By George DeMare, Vice President Business Development


In the age of Pinterest and never-ending home improvement television shows, the “experts” are always raving about the next big thing when it comes to renovations and trends.

A home following too many trends can be a confusing and expensive letdown. When re-doing the hub of the home, use realistic ideas that work for the family and the space.

Pinterest kitchen trends to avoid:

Specialty Hardware Finishes

Speciality finishes can date a kitchen or bathroom. Usually, these fixtures are expensive to install or change. Trends like rose gold brushed bronze, and brass tends to be a thing of the moment. Instead, use accents pieces with these speciality finishes that can be put away when the trend is suddenly out of style.

Custom Cabinetry for Temporary Uses

Custom cabinetry might be irrelevant after a few years. Built-ins can help hide unsightly devices and office supplies, but a cabinet built to fit specific electronic devices can be regrettable. Kitchen appliances seem to be constantly shrinking, thus leaving oversized cabinets for undersized or non-existent future versions of electronic appliances.

Over-the-Top – or Unnecessary – Bathroom Additions

Several designs suggest salvaging parts of a bathroom instead of a total renovation. Old prewar bathrooms can have timeless dignity with pedestal sinks and strong, old fittings. Adding trendy features, that might not age as nicely, could make a bathroom seem overwhelming and dated.

Graphic Tiling

Colorful, graphic tiling is trendy, but after it’s installed, this statement renovation is really expensive to change. Instead incorporate designs in pillows, throws, or even rugs. Paint is also easier and more affordable to change compared to tile.

Open Shelving

In order to make open shelving work, a homeowner must be organized and visually skilled. Open shelving also requires frequent dusting and dishes that need to be washed more often. This trend can be inexpensive, but also impractical.

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