By George DeMare, Vice President Business Development

Renovating a house is an exciting project! With a little preparation and a few precautions, creating a dream home can be a fun and enjoyable experience.

When planning a remodel, it is natural to want everything done quickly – but rushing through the process without covering all bases can be time-consuming, costly, and even dangerous. Here are some home remodeling tricks and tips that will save time and money all while keeping everyone safe.

Have a budget in mind

The biggest challenge for homeowners during a remodel is staying on budget. Creating a general budget and keeping track of spending takes some stress out of the process. Have a cushion of 10 to 20 percent for unexpected expenses and overages. Many homeowners choose to get a home renovation loan in order to spread costs over a period of time.

Make sure to get necessary permits

Find out the rules and regulations for building permits, codes, and inspections before starting any remodeling project. Generally, you need a permit for major things like structural changes, decks, fences, and installing new electrical or HVAC systems. Minor remodels like new flooring and painting do now require a permit.

Get a real pro

Some jobs are best left to professionals. Bring in a pro for projects like rewiring or plumbing – never hired anyone other than licensed professionals with certifications. Bad electrical work and/or plumbing can be devastating and hiring a professional is worth the money.

Hire the right contractor

Interview your contractor and do not choose based on price alone. A lower price for the work might look good but could cost the quality of materials and craftsmanship taking away value from your home. Choose a contractor who is licensed, insured, and highly qualified. Ask for references and photos from previous jobs!

Safety first
Practice basic safety measures like wearing safety goggles/protective gear and turning off breakers. Ensure proper ventilation, know how to operate tools, and block off work areas from kids and pets. Make sure all dangerous items are stored safely to avoid a disaster. 

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