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One of the best home projects to invest in is a bathroom remodel.

When updating your home either for yourself or to sell, updating a bathroom can be an almost guaranteed return on investment. While a restroom update can help a homeowner make more money during a sale, it is also one of the smartest investments for people looking to age in place.

Many baby boomers are remodeling their homes according to their own needs and looking ahead – meaning they are making their space more usable for their future needs. Like a walk-in tile shower to accommodate possible future physical limitations or adding a second sink to increase the bathroom’s functionality.

According to Houzz’s annual survey of the money and motives behind 2018’s bathroom remodeling projects, people were itching to update because they could not stand their outdated bathrooms anymore. More than half of the people remodeling in the survey were 55 and older preparing their master bathrooms to age in place.

Others surveyed were looking to get their house ready to sell by changing color schemes while updating the style of tile, counters, and flooring.

Here are reasons people were updating their bathrooms in 2018:


The number one reason people were remodeling their bathrooms was to make the space stylish and beautiful. Other reasons included good lighting, increased resale value, easier to clean, and personal preferences.


Around 56 percent of those surveyed were 55 and older and are installing shower seats, lower entry showers, and grab bars which will all help them stay in their homes as they grow older.


This neutral color was the top color choice for walls and floors. Most people want white cabinets while some want a wood finish.


A third of those remodeling removed their bathtub entirely. Those who kept or installed them overwhelming picked a free-standing soaking tub. Some people wanted their bathtub to be big enough for two people.

Master Bedroom

Many people who remodel their master bathrooms also opt to do work in their master bedrooms. Once the bathroom looks nice, they want their bedroom to follow suit.

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