ac unit financing

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning or more commonly known as a HVAC system, is one of the most important aspects of a home. Regardless of where you live in the country, you’ll likely need to heat and cool your house, year-round. 

A heating and cooling system can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 for parts and installation, depending on size, system and area in the country. In places where an air conditioner is essential, you can pay more for home comfort, especially if you pick your unit based on energy efficiency. This is where AC unit financing will make it possible to invest in a system that will last for years to come. 

Financing an HVAC System

One of the best financing options for HVAC units is a personal loan. With many loan amounts available alongside flexible terms and fixed interest rates, this type of funding is very versatile and perfect for home improvement projects of all types. Acceptance for home remodeling loans are based on credit score, but if you have approved credit, you will often hear back quickly, so you can get your HVAC system installed right away. 

Unsecured personal loans are not only easy to apply for, but also easy to pay. With fixed monthly payments, you know what to expect for the entire term of the loan. When you get a personal loan from AmeriFirst Finance you will find that obtaining financing is seamless and easy to manage. From filling out to the application to making monthly payments, the whole process takes place online on a user friendly and secure platform. 


How Much Does an AC Unit cost?

AC units vary in cost depending on size, brand, region and energy efficiency. On average, installing a new AC system can cost up to $8,000 with a few factors affecting the price including amount of ductwork, SEER rating and where the unit is located (both regionally and on your home). Homes located in hot locations can usually expect to pay more for a heavy duty unit. 

Can I Secure HVAC Financing With a Bad Credit Score?

HVAC systems are essential for not only home comfort, but also in some cases, survival. Obtaining HVAC financing is one of the best ways to ensure you can either repair or replace your heating and cooling units when necessary. Even those with lower credit scores can obtain a personal loan, but it will often come with higher interest rates. Even with these caveats, many homeowners still find flexible payment options to ensure they can purchase these needed systems. 

How Does a Home Improvement Personal Loan Work?  

Applying for a personal loan for home improvements is not a daunting task. First you explore your financing options before answering a few questions about yourself and your credit history. Then you fill out a credit application, in some cases online (like with AmeriFirst). Once you receive approval you will receive the full financing amount in one lump sum, which can be used for anything of your choosing. You will then be responsible for making monthly payments for the life of your loan. 

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