AmeriFirst Home Improvement Finance Bolsters Commitment to Customers

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OMAHA, Neb., Feb. 20, 2018 – AmeriFirst Home Improvement Finance, LLC, a national leading home improvement lender and loan servicer, announced today that its backup system has been transferred to Scott Data Center.  The Scott Data Center is rated as Tier III Certified by the Uptime Institute.  Uptime Institute is an unbiased advisory organization focused on improving the performance, efficiency and reliability and administers Tier Standards and certifications for data centers. According to the Uptime Institute, “the infrastructure solutions provided by Tier III have an effective life beyond the current IT requirement and are typically utilized by organizations that know the cost of a disruption—in terms of actual dollars—and the impact to market share and continued mission imperatives.”  Given that the Scott Data Center was built to meet the United States Department of Defense security criteria, AmeriFirst wanted to utilize an infrastructure that would provide the company and its customers additional reliability, redundancy and security.

This move allows for seamless operation in virtually all conditions, meaning that the continuity of business operations is not affected by weather, or localized internet disturbances or phone line failure.  “We feel that this move bolsters our commitment to customer service,” stated Don Kluthe, President of AmeriFirst.  “Additionally, we strive to have a reliable system that aims to run seamlessly without downtime,” Kluthe added.

This was a critical move to build customer trust and to aid in providing reliability.  With forty years in the financing business, AmeriFirst strives to exceed customer expectations.

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